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The State of Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation has provided a website: www.fluidnow.com for you to claim your weeks online and file for unemployment compensation claims. If you are unemployed  and laid off or fired without cause, then you can claim your unemployment weeks online at the website.  At www.fluidnow.com, you can get temporary wage replacement benefits if you are out of work. If your claims were denied before, you can also login to FluidNow.com to file an appeal and get a hearing again and have your case reviewed by the Unemployment Appeals Commission.

How to file for a Florida Unemployment Claim at FluidNow.com?
Go to www.FluidNow.com and click on File a Claim. Then, you will need to complete the application within 72 hours. It is also important to complete by midnight Saturday and my guess is they wipe out pending application every Saturday midnight. After you file a claim, please sure to record your confirmation numbers. The whole claim process will take you about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete on www.fluidnow.com.

How to file for extended benefits at FluidNow.com.
In order to file for extended benefits which is part of the Emergency Unemployment Compensation, you will need to have your social security number, previous employers’ information, dates workked and gross earning as well as your bank account information for direct deposit.

Do not make a false statement
As tempted as you are, never make a false statement in order to claim unemployment benefits or file for increased benefits. Florida Law can have you fine up to $5,000 and worse of all can jail you for five years under Florida Law.

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